Victorian Open Water Swims

Published December 2021, 128 pages, ISBN 978-0-6450315-4-6

This book is your handy guide to the more than 30 organized open-water events held in Victoria each summer. It provides historical overviews of these events including approximately when they are held each year and any special features. There are 83 lovely photographs showing swimmers, swim venues, including a number of drone shots that help showcase our spectacular Victorian coastline. The Results section provides category results (top 3 placings) for all age groups in the most recent swims. You will also find an alphabetical listing of more than 3100 ‘Shark Bait Medal’ swimmers who have completed Lorne’s Pier to Pub event at least 10 times. Interspersed throughout the book are special interviews with a number of swimmers.

More information can be found at the book website.